Arrange the puzzle online. If you do this by doing a little movement in a short time you have a chance to hit the list of top players. Thanks to Internet puzzle elements have a real game online, providing competition between players. You can choose from a number of images, divided into thematic categories. In addition, online puzzle game, like any game, differentiated by level of difficulty - permanently assigned to the photo.
You can select images by category or level of difficulty. When you move to the right puzzle already, number of stars shows how difficult it is to arrange the picture. The more stars, the more time it will take you to the gameplay, but also the greater the satisfaction of winning.
When you press the "Put the puzzle" or click on the image, go to the page where you will be able to login through Facebook. Logging is optional. If you log in you will have access to more functionality of the service: leaderboard with names, the ability to comment on and like a jigsaw puzzle. Then it should show up puzzle - a picture is cut into rectangles arranged in random order. To switch the places of two puzzles you have to select first one and then the other piece - you can do this by clicking on the desired rectangle. The biggest trick is completed puzzle with the fewest moves. Have fun.
  • Nature - in the broadest sense of the universe, reality. It also includes the physical phenomena and life - without taking into account creations and impact people.
  • Architecture - one or group of objects located in a particular place and a particular time as seen from a particular vantage point. Architectural object is carried out a work or a building, structure or object landscaping. Architectural object consists of a sturdy construction and finishes and is built in the upper layer of the earth's crust called the ground. It is the design and the finishing touches are about what we call architecture.
  • Transport - the movement of people, goods (the subject of transport) in the space by appropriate means (means of transport).
  • Other