Arrange the puzzle in a short time and hit the list of top players

Thanks to Internet puzzle elements you have a real game online, providing competition between players. You can choose from a number of images, divided into thematic categories. In addition, online puzzle games, like any game, are differentiated by level of difficulty. The biggest trick is completing the puzzle with the fewest moves. Have fun!


How it works


Sign Up

You are able to login through Facebook or email, which is optionally. Logging allows you to access more functionality of the service: leaderboard with names, the ability to comment on and like jigsaw puzzles as well as add pictures to favorites.


Choose the picture

Select images by category or level of difficulty. You can search for the image you need as well.


Arrange the puzzle

Press the “Make jigsaw puzzle!” or click on the image and a picture cut into rectangles arranged in random order will be shown. To switch the places of two puzzles you have to select first one and then the other piece - you can do this by clicking on the desired rectangle.